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I Got Married!


I wanted to share a quick life-update as I was unintentionally away for a little while. Between getting a new job, going through classes online, and wedding planning, time got away from me for all my hobbies, including my writing. In that time of wedding planning, my wedding came and went before I could really catch my breath.

The wedding was absolutely perfect! Everything was simple as my new husband and I wanted and my dress was exactly what I wanted. Even then, I can't remember much of the day since everything passed so quickly. Friends and family came to see us and we saw them for such a short time. It was going to be a big event and a big day, but now that it passed, it feels so small other than for the day's significance.

My husband and I have also nearly finished moving into our apartment. We have almost gotten our daily routines set up now that we returned to work after our honeymoon. Going back to work after our beach trip really felt like back-to-school but wi…

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