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Cutting Back from Social Media

For the last few weeks, I have decided to try something new with regard to social media. I have actually deleted social media apps from my phone and I have solely used my computer to access websites like Facebook and Twitter. I decided to do this when I realized that I was spending so much time simply scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. After a week without the apps on my phone, that's when I decided to remove them from my iPad as well because I had a few things that seemed to happen as a result of how little time I was spending on social media.

My mental state seemed to change; I felt so much less of a need to check social media every few minutes and as a result, I felt calmer. In the end, I have also unsubscribed from most emails from stores and organizations. As a result from that, I have felt calmer from not having to check my emails so often to keep the volume of them down.

This has also begun to have a financial benefit to me becuase I'm viewing far fewer ads from …

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