Because I'm Never Satisfied...


 I wanted to warn you that I changed the name of my blog. And it's URL.

 I did this because I noticed a trend with my writing which is that my thoughts cannot be put in a box. I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking that this is JUST a beauty blog since I can't keep my thoughts to one subject.

 I will be writing about beauty products, but that will not be the entirety of this blog.

 I also want to allow the freedom for this blog to change over time as I ultimately will. I have done this to keep myself from making the same mistake I have in the past with my blogs. It's the mistake that has caused me to time and again start and delete blogs.

 With that, I hope you will still enjoy this place. I know I will since I have the place that I wanted where I can share my thoughts and experiences with you.


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