Transitions are strange times in life. For me, they are times in which I can feel myself or my surroundings changing very quickly. Transitions also generally force me to change with them or as they happen. One example would be my current job. I was recently promoted from a selling associate to a lead in an entirely new department of the store I work in. A lead's position, as my manager tells me, is similar to that of a supervisor. This means that I went from being a peer to a position of leadership and example.

 This is a lot of change! It's been hectic but fun as I learn the aspects of the department and learn what my role is in this position that the department didn't have before. I don't have someone as a direct example of what a lead looks like other than those that I've met from other stores. But then, I wasn't able to shadow them doing their jobs.

 Another transition in life that I am experiencing is that of moving into adulthood. I am currently still living in my parents' house, and though curfews have extended and monitoring actions has changed, their rules still haven't. The ways I'm transitioning here are to begin supplying for my own needs by myself. I've got a designated portion of the refrigerator where I keep my lunches for work or my snacks for at home. I've even begun planning my own dinners and cooking them for myself.

 The trick to transitioning is that you have to adjust your mindset towards where you want to go. For example, by providing for yourself when you don't have to, it makes it much easier when you have to provide for yourself. Or by learning the mindset of your managers and what they focus on, you can begin to be likeminded with management as a whole.


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