Welcome to my blog!


 My name is Kat. I've been a beauty blogger off an on for a few years, and even tried for a YouTube channel for a time. Beauty products and clothes are some of my favorite things to talk about, research, and hear about on tv and YouTube. I enjoy trying new products and sharing what I think. Unfortunately, as anyone who watches YouTube could tell you, managing one of those channels or blogs could be an extremely expensive hobby.

 I would like to start this blog to share my experiences with products, but on a budget. There will be occasional splurge products, but mostly this blog will be experiences with budget products and how well they perform, or how well they keep their claims and promises.

 I will also have hauls occasionally on clothes, to show different shopping situations also on a strict budget. My goal for this blog is to help out those in similar situations to mine; college graduate, working retail, and paying regular bills. I want to share my experience of knowing that this hard situation is still possible to enjoy and it is possible to find good products.

 I hope you enjoy as I share with you! And I hope that you have a blessed week.


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