A New Favorite Dress


 I wanted to share a new dress with you that has quickly become my favorite dress for the fall. It is a 1970's inspired mock turtle neck dress with faux layering. I love this print! It is so 70's ugly, it's cute. The colors are a pallet I enjoy and that complement my dark brown hair. The funniest thing about this dress is that I only purchased it because I needed an outfit for a 70's-themed event at work. I wore it with my chunky-heeled, black suade boots and tights. I went to the grocery store after my event and a girl stopped me and practically gushed over my outfit, and said that I should just forget the theme and wear it  any day. I am proud to say, I have taken her advice to heart.

 The shape is a flattering A-line shape, and the length lands just above my knee, which makes it incredibly comfortable. I found it at Macy's, where they also had 4 other colors and prints of this style.

 I hope this inspires you for fall fashions coming up! Have a happy October and a good day. 

(opinions are entirely my own, not sponsored)


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