Book Review: Gunn's Golden Rules

I am very late to reading this book since it was published in 2010, but I felt like it was a worth-it read to share with you! The book that I enjoyed this month is Gunn's Golden Rules by Tim Gunn.

 To start, this book seems like a sort of modern-day manners book with stories of real-life situations to show why these rules of etiquette should be followed. As well as sharing these manners-related stories, it inadvertently becomes a gossip book of those who are in the fashion and design world. Tim does a good and sly job of sharing these shocking stories of some of the big names in fashion and magazines while also explaining that he is just telling the truth of the situation. He explains that no ill-will is intended by his choice to share these out-of-the-ordinary stories, but you can't help but admire his willingness to share them. Towards the end of the book, Tim becomes much more personal and shares details about his personal life. I enjoyed this part of the book because it felt like I was getting to know Tim as a person more than the TV personality that we all know and love.

I learned so much about professional etiquette from his stories and learned why it's so important to make an effort to show those around you that you care about them as a person.

Even if you aren't a fan of Project Runway, I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and found it to be an extremely light read. I finished this book in a few weeks reading it in short spurts until I reached the middle and couldn't put it down. Tim's writing style is funny, smart, and witty so if you enjoy comedic writing, you will enjoy the style of this book.

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