Self-Care Update: New Morning Routine

It's been too long since I introduced this series to my blog, so I've put together my first update on this process for you today. To recap from the last post, I had shared that self-care and having healthy routines were not my strong suit. I decided that a good place to start with changing this about myself is my morning routine, especially since that's the part I've worked to change the most.

 The thing I changed first and that was the biggest change for me was to become a morning(ish) person. I am attempting (imperfectly, I might add) to wake up at 6 AM every day. This means that I cannot go to bed later than midnight. I've used the reminder apps and iPhone clock app's "bedtime" feature to at least remind myself of the importance of being able to rest to improve how I'll feel when I get up. I used to always tell myself excuses for why I can hit snooze repeatedly, such as, "I'm leaving in three hours, so I can have one more hour of sleep." While it was true, an hour would quickly stretch to an hour and a half or so simply because that additional hour made it harder to get up. I've found personally that I tend to have a portion of time between 5:30 AM and 6 AM that I am partially awake anyway, so I have my alarm set for that time. My alarm is designed to go off when I am sleeping the lightest anyway since it doubles as a sleep tracker. It's the app for iPhone called Sleep Cycle and it tracks sleep by using the microphone on the phone. Surprisingly, it is fairly accurate at knowing what points during the night I awoke. It is an optionally free app, which means that you can pay for a membership if you like for additional features. 

 After waking up, I go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for myself. I make eggs, toast, and coffee and usually also have yogurt and fruit. I've found that cooking breakfast for myself is very helpful to my routine and improves how I feel starting the day. I also make sure to take my vitamins after breakfast, which includes a multivitamin and a B vitamin, which has greatly improved my energy levels through the day. If you feel drained, I recommend vitamins as a healthy way to increase your energy. (Ask your doctor first, of course!)

 After breakfast, I do my beauty routine and pick out what to wear for the day, which usually goes with my all-black, business-casual dress code for work. 

 That is my update! I hope you enjoyed this update and that it is helpful to anyone who is also in a self-care struggle, like myself. I will continue to add my new routines as I find what works and what doesn't work well for me. I will say that this morning routine alone has helped my mood and energy levels be much better. Also, please comment below if you have other tips for me! Have a wonderful week!

(Not sponsored, and I am not an expert, Everything works differently for different people.)


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