Apple Watch Review

As an avid iPhone fan, when I was shopping for a smartwatch, the Apple Watch was the obvious first choice. The Apple Watch does the basic fitness tracking functions, and also provides the wearer with their notifications from their phone. It also allows the wearer to answer phone calls and text messages from their wrist, without having to touch their phone as long as it is within the Bluetooth signal.

 I enjoy the Apple Watch. I like receiving my messages immediately at work and knowing whether or not I need to respond right away or whether I can dismiss it and let it be for the moment. I also like the fitness tracking. It is casual fitness tracking, which means that it tracks footsteps, miles walked, and some basic workouts when you begin the log. There are workout challenges and you can set goals for what amount of activity you do or want to do daily.

While it provides you with activity data, I would advise that this isn't going to increase your activity level. The notifications to work towards your goal are easy enough to dismiss unless you motivate yourself. With that, the reminders are effective for the motivated, casual fitness enthusiast.

The app selection is fair, but the use of the apps is better primarily through your phone. For example, I got the Apple Watch Instagram app, but trying to view photos on it is nearly impossible as the Bluetooth signal is too slow and unreliable to view my feed from. Notifications are the only good part of the Apple Watch Instagram app.

I also like the physical customizations of the watch. There are multiple wristbands to change from the default sport band and the faces can be customized numerous ways. I would recommend getting at least one band to change from the sport band, but not just for aesthetic purposes; the sport band tends to hold onto odor, and I am not even an active wearer who sweats on the band.

(opinions are my own, not sponsored)


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