Brand Story: Victoria's Secret

Today I wanted to share a new kind of post, where I write about a bad brand experience. I don't usually have bad experiences with any certain brand, but this experience was dreadful, so I wanted to share it with you and maybe find others who had a similar experience.

The brand I am sharing about today is Victoria's Secret. Normally, I like their products. They may have a notorious branding format and an extreme reputation, but what I have to share is not related to those things. I am sad to say that I am allergic to their garments. I love their bras and sets but can't wear them because I end up with bra-shaped welts all over my torso as well as have a bad, itchy rash. Not a pretty picture, I know, but I wanted to share what I learned about what may be causing this.

I took to Google after realizing that what I had was indeed a rash and found many articles that talk about the use of formaldehyde in fabrics as an anti-crease and anti-wrinkle agent. While the amount of the chemical claimed to have been used in the fabrics would not cause a serious reaction, articles also say that if you have a sensitivity or allergy, then you may still react to even a small amount.

I'm not sharing this as a way to tell you to stop shopping at the retailer. They have amazingly designed bras and sets! I enjoyed the ones I wore when I could still wear them. They felt good and they worked well for me until my skin became sensitive to the fabric. If your skin works well with the products, by all means, wear them if you like. I just wanted to share this to let people know that this chemical may be in some of the products, and to also share why the brand could be on my favorites list but why it is not.


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