"Do What Makes You Happy"

People who have a gift for motivating other people tend to say this. "Do what makes you happy," "Do what brings you joy," "Go where your heart is guiding you." These days, it seems nearly impossible to find whatever it is that doing will bring you that happiness or that inner joy that comes from "finding yourself" or "finding your calling." Much of this for me is because of the people who tend to tell me to do what makes me happy have the caveat of also "Do what will support you financially" or "Do what makes you money." 

Then there are also the other caveats: "Do what won't offend me," "Do what I think is right for you," "Do what won't make you look more successful than me," "Do what seems smartest," and the list goes ever on.

My biggest obstacle other than this obviously confusing conglomeration of advice is also that I have a hard time finding what will actually make me happy. I find something that I think will make me happy to do for the rest of my life every other month. My experience with finding what will make me happy is more akin to finding that perfect outfit in a store; it's my best outfit and I purchase it with the idea of wearing it to all my best events, but within a couple of months, I wonder why I liked it so much at the start. At that point, I've found all the areas that don't fit me as well as I thought and now I don't like those parts, even if I still like other parts of the outfit.

I hope that I can eventually settle into something that truly makes me happy to do and that will leave me with a lasting sense of productivity and accomplishment. I know that these things won't fulfill me in life, but it will help me to feel more as if I'm doing something with a purpose, rather than just doing something to fill my time.


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