Self-Care Update: Keeping up Surroundings

In continuing my exploration of self-care, I found that keeping up my surroundings and keeping them clean is beneficial to my mental state just as much as a good morning routine. When my surroundings become a mess, I can't help but feel a loss of control that spills over into other parts of my life, especially my mind. I keep my room and spaces clean even while I still live with my family, which is much more difficult than you would think. The tidy gene is not one that many of my family has since many of them are collectors and have a habit of keeping things that "may be useful later on."

The main mental block that I had in keeping things clean when I started keeping things clean and cleared out was the amount time it would take to clean things. Cleaning things doesn't take as nearly as long as I had supposed when I started keeping things tidy. For one, doing a load of dishes for the house only takes me 10-15 minutes since I only need to unload and load the dishwasher. Keeping the kitchen clean for when I do my own cooking has a benefit to me when I am trying to work and it keeps a bit more peace in the house since my mom then doesn't need to do that load of dishes.

I used to think that cleaning anything from the kitchen to the bathroom to my closet would take much more time than it did and I would then postpone and procrastinate on doing the work that needed doing, and then it would take longer. If I do a little cleaning here and there, the job is much easier and the daily maintenance keeps my stress down by keeping everything around me organized. 

I never thought I would enjoy the process of cleaning things, but the benefit is better than the alternative that I lived with for so long. The process of changing my surroundings for the better also has a therapeutic effect on me that I enjoy which is why I have added it to my self-care series.


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