Apps I Use For Focusing

Though people have said that I tend to have a calm appearance and demeanor to myself, those that have known me longer know that I have a tendency to obsess over small details and drive myself crazy. I've never been diagnosed with anything, (though have also never been checked) so I don't want to self-diagnose but I tend to think overly anxious thoughts. For that reason, I have a few techniques and apps that I turn to when my mind is running circles.

The first is a simple puzzle game called voi that I received free through the Starbucks coffee app. It has a simple layout that is accompanied by calming music and tones. The object of the puzzles is to make the bottom match the top using the available shapes. There are no time limits or points so the focus lies in solving the puzzles to get to the next with no rush, which allows me to focus on what's at hand rather than the thoughts I have. I use this app when I want to get rid of running thoughts but I don't have anything to do at the time.
(Image of an example puzzle from the voi app)
The second app is a sounds app from the website The app allows you to mix the noises you like to hear to your preference. All the sounds are white noises like rain, thunder, birds, and coffeehouse chatter. You are able to combine different noises as you like for your ideal white noise. I enjoy this app either for when I am trying to read, write, or study and can even listen to it trying to fall asleep. This is another help to stay calm and focused on tasks at hand rather than on thoughts, but because it's white noise, I can do other things while listening.

(Images of the Rainy Mood app)
 I hope these suggestions may be of use to you as they have for me. I also wish you a good week. 

(opinions are my own, not sponsored)


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