Dream Closet = Organized Closet

I am continuing on a role of New Year's resolutions this week. I recently took some time to reorganize my closet a little bit and think of ways to make my closet a little better and a little more functional. I even took a little time to think of what my dream closet would be like!

For one, I've started organizing my shoes all where I can see what I have and choose them for my outfits. Ideally, the shelves in the middle of my closet would be the perfect shoe storage area, but then I wouldn't have a space for my old textbooks or some of the other books I have on those shelves. I'm slowly working through getting rid of much of those things and the things beside my dresser on the floor, but it's taking time.

For the most part, my clothes are fine. We don't get many seasonable winter days here in South Texas, so most of my clothes are suited for our spring/summer temperatures. If I had my "perfect closet" though, everything would more or less be organized by color and season so that I would have an easier time choosing what to wear. Everything is so packed into my single-wall closet, that for everything I want, I will someday need a walk-in-closet with lots of shelves for shoes and bags and top shelves to store things I really don't need out during the long summers. A place to store things like my favorite burgundy coat that I mentioned in a post before. An alternative to storing it in the closet or in the house would be to get storage like from MakeSpace, since they have an app for on-demand storage now for some locations.

Shelves are my favorite kind of closet storage so I can see things since I tend to be a visual person and forget them if they are stored out of sight in my closet. My truly perfect closet would be like Blaire Waldorf's from the show Gossip Girl, complete with the slanted shoe shelves and the drawers built in for intimates to lay flat. That way, everything would not only have a place and be organized, but then I could see it all too!

(Not a sponsored post. Part of a project introduced by MakeSpace. Post is entirely my own. First image courtesy of MakeSpace.) 


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