Going Back to School

In keeping along the track of some New Year's Resolutions, I wanted to write about how I am going back to school! Now, this is not a resolution in itself; I had wanted to go back to school after I graduated with my associates' degree in June of 2016. I want to earn my bachelors' degree so that I may be better prepared for my career field and be a more appealing applicant for jobs in that field.

The New Year's resolution part of me going back to school is that I want to be more organized and put-together for all my courses. Going to this online university will be the first time in my educational career that I've had to work with deadlines. In school from elementary to high school, I was homeschooled with a curriculum designed to be completed in individual terms, but my parents didn't strictly hold me to that since I tended to work faster than those terms would have been. In college earning my associates' degree, I attended a self-paced correspondence course in which my textbook was my whole class. Each class would be mailed to me and I would send the completed assignments back to the school as they were completed. As long as they heard from me once a year, they would still considered me enrolled, but of course, I completed the 25 courses in a little under 4 years.

Since I will be working with deadlines and being in more contact with an instructor and an academic adviser, I have resolutions for when my courses begin in March. The main resolution that I want to stick to is to work as completely on assignments as I can. When I was completing my associates degree, I got amazing grades, but because I consistently got amazing grades, I feel like I let myself get sloppy in my course work towards the end of my program. I still got amazing grades, but part of me wonders why since I look back at those assignments and wonder how basic mistakes were missed, uncommented on, and not included in the instructor's feedback. I know I didn't deserve those grades entirely.

With that, I have resolved to do better this time and work hard to know that I deserve every grade, mark, and feedback that I receive.

I also resolve to be completely organized for school with my notebooks and planners. I want to take sufficient notes during my online classes and turn assignments in well on time before they are due. I want to treat school almost as importantly as I would a job, where I complete things to the best of my ability and complete assignments to my proper skill level to demonstrate the kind of worker that I am.

I look forward to starting school and believe that this will be the beginning of another chapter in my life. Hopefully it ends with me finding the career that I've been trying to find and settling into a job that I feel productive and satisfied in.


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