My New Year's Resolution

It's a new year! We have much to look forward to when a new year begins. We can put together our year-long plans and ideas and attempt to make this the best year of our lives. Some people put together their list of should-haves from last year and want to fit them into this year's plans. I have a practical resolution for this year, and one that I will actually be able to stick to. 
My New Year's resolution is to live much more within my means and bring down debts. I admit, I don't have a large amount of debt; my associate's degree is on an interest-free payment plan, I have myself on one primary credit card that I pay more than once a month, and I have one car loan that I pay over the minimum payment to keep the interest down.

The area that I need to improve on is in what I shop for. I have a hard time staying away from high end shopping places, like Sephora and certain department stores. The first reason why this is difficult is because I already work in a department store that sells clothing, cosmetics, and accessories. They nicely provide associates who work there a discount and exclusive sales, as well as naturally having first picks by the nature of being in the store nearly every day. I appreciate everything they provide us to encourage buying at the store, but at my pay rate, I'm shopping outside a standard budget for that rate by shopping at the store. (eg. A $65 foundation is still $52 after a 20% discount, whereas foundation at the grocery store is between $5 and $15 a bottle) 

Even if I wait to shop just for sales, I can save a large amount of money by just shopping in the grocery store and at discount clothing stores. 

My New Year's resolution is to budget myself properly as I prepare to become an independent adult. 

What are your New Year's resolutions? 


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