Sticking to The Plan

Today I wanted to finish the month with another New Year's resolution kind of post. My New Year's resolution here is to stick to my routines and my plans. You may have seen my Morning Routine post before and in that post, I said what my ideal morning routine would be and said what I'd been trying to do for that routine. This was before the holiday season, in which I went crazy at my job with different shifts for the month of December. Those crazy shifts that went late into the night and early in the morning ruined my routine by making it impossible to stick to.

With that, I've restarted my routine for the New Year, including getting up at 6 every morning and making my own breakfast every day. This isn't the only thing I'm meaning to stick to in the new year, though. I'm intending to stick to all my plans for the year as well, including my plan for school to complete my degree, for my plan to continue improving at my job, and to make the date my fiance and I have planned for our wedding date. I have also redone my evening routine and the ways in which I keep myself on track at work.

Getting up at 6 every day has made my days feel very long and has made me much more productive. The main reason why I started to stick to this routine is because I know I will need more time in my days in the next few months when school starts. I had to start now to begin getting used to the routine before school finally starts, but it is starting to feel like it will take longer to start since my weeks feel much longer with all this time I have now. The way that I've finally got myself to wake up at 6 each morning is I got an actual alarm clock, like from 2004/pre-iPhones, and I placed it across my bedroom. I kept trying to make that place the place of my phone, but then people would interrupt my night with text messages, so I would bring my phone back to beside my bed since I can easily answer messages and go back to sleep. Turns out I can easily snooze and go back to sleep too.

What I've learned in this idea for sticking to plans and making sure things get done is to just do them. That is something now overly said in the internet memes and such, but in this experiment, I have found that it is absolutely true. You have to do things even when you don't want to when you want certain things to be completed. We live in a time too focused on results without actions. Actions are required to attain results. 


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