March Makeup Favorites

I know I don't share my makeup favorites with you very often, but it's only because if I did share on a monthly basis, things would not change very much from time to time. This is primarily because I really don't buy that much makeup. I only tend to replace products when they expire or when I run out, which could be forever for some products. For this month, I want to share what I have been using for the month and what has been sitting at the very top of my makeup drawer.

  • Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette| This was purchased for me as Christmas gift last year. Despite the bright colors, it works well for me as an everyday eye makeup palette. My favorite color combinations to use for every day are Bordeaux in the crease, Mocha to blend it in and transition, and either Molasses Chip or Cafe Au Lait on the lid. The shade Satin Sheets (upper highlight shade) is beautiful with these combinations to brighten it up and make the look more dressed-up. I usually top this look off with winged eyeliner and mascara. 
  • Maybelline Great Lash Mascara| This is an old staple of mine. I intend to look for alternatives soon since it doesn't give the same amount of volume I'm used to and what I thought it had given me in the past. The wand brush is just too small to give the kind of look I'm used to, but it works well as a more natural mascara. My favorite shade is blackest black in the waterproof version, otherwise, it flakes off.
  • Clinique Cheek Pop in Rosy Pop| This had been an impulse purchase at the beauty counter in the store I worked in at the time. I've owned it for a long time, and this is its current state in the photo. It may be time to retire, as the pigment is doing something odd here. Other than that, as I said, I've owned it for a long while and I'm not even close to running out. The color is fairly dark for my fair complexion, so I used a light hand with it. It provides good, long-lasting color through the day.
  • Maybelline FitMe Concealer| This is another old staple from my makeup collection. It provides a nice coverage and I enjoy the way it applies with the doe foot applicator. It is actually hard to find a concealer from the drugstore with this sort of packaging, so that is why I tend to turn to this one when I shop in the makeup section there.

Now this month, I wanted to add some products that I do not recommend and what my reasoning is. I used to like these products in my collection, but I've had some problems pop up from them. This is the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation and Lock-It Hydrating Primer. These products performed all right together, but the foundation was very drying by itself. The problem I had with these things, which seems to be true of the entire Kat Von D line for me is that it breaks my skin out all over my face. This had happened with the Shade + Light contour palette before, but I still wanted to give the foundation a try because of its wide shade range. When my skin began to act up, I switched foundations for a while and continued encountering skin issues. The issues have only now begun to clear up after going without using the foundation or primer for a month. If these products don't cause this problem for you, that's great and I highly recommend them to you for their performance. They just do not work with my skin whatsoever.

(Not a sponsored post. All products mentioned purchased by the blogger.)


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